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You are invited to the State of New Jersey Business Incubator Network [NJBIN] awards function to be held on April 26th afternoon.  Lunch will be served and there is excellent opportunity to meet, mingle, and network with leaders from technology, business, and financial sectors.

Cognitions Bridge will be there with suite of NJBIN award winning mobile apps for Google Android and Apple iOS platforms. Cognitions Bridge mobile apps were launched a few days ago and they can be globally downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Launch Press Conference:


Sample Education Video:

Press Release:

Cognitions Bridge games when played on a regular basis; are fun but also improve brain fitness, develop cognitive skills for success in life, and can delay the on-set of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

By stimulating brain with several simultaneous activities; children as well as adults can increase their attention span and awareness to their surroundings. Cognitive games help sharpen memory, process information quickly, recall and organize your thoughts in positive and productive manner… all the while playing a competitive game and having fun.

Cognitions Bridge apps help develop a beautiful mind and a logical brain at any age…

Please come to the awards function and give us a “Like” on Facebook.

Warm regards,

Anant Goel


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