Cognitions Bridge Blog

At this Blog, we would be keeping a web based journal and share our mobile apps and games development, production; marketing; and distribution experiences; thoughts, opinions, and interesting links with the Internet connected socially networked people around the globe.

It’s just that simple. This is not a news site per se (although you’ll get a lot of news here), but rather a place to share thoughts, ideas, opinions and war zone experiences with mobile apps/games in our portfolio and discuss related news at a macro level.  This is not a Guru or a pundit site, if you will, for the Mobile Apps or Cognitive Skills Development Industry.

Anant Goel 
Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Anant is the CEO and Founder of RKNet Studios and Chief Designer of the Cognitions Bridge™ suite of mobile apps and games. He has 40 years industry recognized expertise in technology, communications, applied cognitive psychology, management science, and finance and business development.

Over the last fifteen years, he has consulted to several media and technology start-ups and has incubated half a dozen to become successful and profitable companies.  Prior to that, he was CEO of Mirro Computers, a $50 million computer company that started out as the first few IBM authorized PC dealers in 1979.  Prior to that, Anant was at Burns & Roe; as Chief Engineering Manager for EI&C, Plant Protection, and Control Room Systems for Clinch River Breeder Reactor Power Project for United States ERDA. During the mid 70’s, he was on the US NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] Standards Committee for Nuclear Power Plants Engineering, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance. He brings over 40 years experience in technology, Applied Cognitive Psychology and Communications; as applied to Nuclear Power Plant Control Room operating environments.


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